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The Social Justice Activist – Vanessa Jarvis​

The Medical Cannabis Users Association of Australia says that organically grown cannabis is the most beneficial and nutritious food on the planet and that everyone should have affordable access to organically grown cannabis based foods and therapies; all Cannabis use is therapeutic and that the entourage effect of whole plant extracts is VITAL to the healing properties of Cannabis when used medicinally; that cannabis should be de scheduled and re classified as a botanical ingredient in complimentary medicine; it is our constitutional, health and human right to grow cannabis for preventative and curative measures as we see fit; that plant based herbal cannabis causes less harm to society than legal and pharmaceutical drugs;


It is in this spirit that our Social Justice Vanessa Jarvis advocates and challenges our constitutional right to heal ourselves and pay it foward by sharing it with others. Vanessa. has struggled throughout her life with mental health issues and various Cancers that have ravaged her body. She has managed to heal herself through sound medicine, art therapy and cannabis. She is very outspoken and active in sharing her inspirational story.



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PJ Powers – South African Singer 

Hi guys,

I wanted to say thank you. I have been battling with my back since 2015, I’ve had two spinal fusion blocks done under anaesthetic in this time which were relatively successful but not lasting I just wanted to tell you that I have been using KOI for 3 months now and I feel like a different person. Thank you for bringing something onto the market that is so soothing and works so incredibly at the same time. I will never be without KOI again, it’s made me believe the miracles do happen.


Warm regards and Huge thanks

 PJ Powers / Thandeka

PS could you solve my insomnia now too Pleeeeese!!!!!