My daughter Amy and I were in Clarens for the first time a few weeks ago and were lucky enough to find you💕, and your amazing shop....we loved everything about it! So we were wondering if there's any chance you can courier coffee to us in Jhb?? Inge
Hello.. we visited Neked this past Saturday and I bought the most amazingly tasting DP cranberry baked goodie🪴 I wish I had bought a box of it. This stuf is amazing. I think I am inlove🪴💋😍... Oh and then the ice lollies were a hit got one Sunday for the Road wish I had a freezer in my car I would have bought your entire freezer too...🙈 Kindly advice on the shipping procedures. I think I would like to order some baked goodies. Wish I could order the Lollies too...
Our dog suffers (or shall I say suffered) badly from rumatism and after a year of using a mobility supplement and prescribed medicine there still was no improvement. I then came across Neked whilst visiting Clarens just after lockdown where the owner - a lovely eccentric lady named Vanessa - introduced me to Koi Naturals Hemp Oil for pets. After 6 days of 2 droplets per day our dog was able to walk downstairs with ease and after 9 days came running downstairs and started playing with our other dog. Thank you Vanessa Jarvis for convincing me to buy this magic oil for pets! It truly works 100%!
Hi guys, I wanted to say thank you. I have been battling with my back since 2015, I’ve had two spinal fusion blocks done under anaesthetic in this time which were relatively successful but not lasting. I just wanted to tell you that I have been using KOI for 3 months now and I feel like a different person. Thank you for bringing something onto the market that is so soothing and works so incredibly at the same time. I will never be without KOI again, it’s made me believe the miracles do happen. Warm regards and Huge thanks PJ Powers / Thandeka PS could you solve my insomnia now too Pleeeeese!!!!!
Some weeks are definately easier than others gjeeewizz. Woke up on monday with agonising pain in my right leg, maybe after i bumped into a table on Friday who knows what the reason is .... so my week wired itself in bedrest even my cat just looked at me and followed me around like a shadow...a little blessing in her own way I have to recommend to anyone with muscle, joint pain or strains to NEKED in Clarens @ Vanessa Bernadette Jarvis their Pain relieving CBD roll on gel, works better than anything i know. Its worth the buy. Deidre Myburg
Hey Vanessa, it's Prashil. I came to your shop this weekend with my brother. I just wanna thank you once again for the awesome walk around your store. And for the awesome products! Wishing you all the love and success.
Hi there, What a monumental day in our lives it was when we discovered your shop in Clarens, when we accidentally came across your Koi products. My husband, Graham, who broke his back several years ago, experiences incessant pain and despite consuming copious amounts of painkillers, has never had any relief, which has impacted his life in many ways. Koi is nothing short of a miracle. Since he has used this product, besides his pain being almost totally diminished, even without sleeping pills, the functionality of other parts of his body that have compensated for the pain in his back, have been healed and he now enjoys quality of life. He cannot imagine his life without the support of his "constant companion". May your business continue to flourish through helping so many people whose quality of life you have managed to revive. Yours sincerely - Lesley Ann van Selm